A cidadania e o patriotismo não se exercem apenas de 4 em 4 anos... como estes políticos pretendem...

domingo, dezembro 12, 2010


Petition's text in english version at the following link:

Governments are increasingly imposing sacrifices on its people.

Governments do not implement policies that promote the economy and employment.

Governments are subject to international financial lobbies, the "famous" markets.

Governments are preparing to raise taxes, directly or indirectly, to strangle its people.

The governments waste taxpayers' money and yield many recipes of its budget to some individuals.

Taxpayers are not adequately represented in the supervisory management of public funds.

Taxpayers are the main financiers of the States and should be considered its main creditors, not the anti-democratic markets.

Taxpayers, taken separately, do not pursue policies the same tax evasion or tax avoidance. Even create foundations to hide profits from his business.

If you identify with this statement, adhere to the draft constitution of the World Association of Taxpayers (WAT), so that their voice no longer be isolated before the great economic and financial interests worldwide.

Democracy is under threat around the world. And if the threat is global, then the union of the taxpayer must be equally global. For balance and well-being returning to the daily lives of people.

Democracy is not only vote of 4 in 4 years. Democracy requires an active and ongoing citizenship.

Be part of this movement and to disclose it by relatives, friends and acquaintances.

Promote this petition and send your own e-mail to wat.worldtaxpayers @

No time to lose. Globalisation should lead to the humanization and solidarity.

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